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  • mobile friendly doctor websites
  • mobile friendly doctor websites
  • mobile friendly doctor websites
  • mobile friendly doctor websites

  • No Long Term Contracts!

    Month-to-month contracts to give you freedom & flexibility

  • Switch & Save Money

    Already Have a Website? Switch and Save (as low as $49 per month or $59 per month with SSL), now with Easy Site Transfer

  • We Do All the Work

    We personalize it for you and keep it updated every month, simple!

Learn what makes The DocSites different than most leading Dental/Medical website providers


The DocSites Leading Provider of Websites and Online Marketing


Other Website Providers Includes: Most Major Dental / Medical Website Providers

Monthly Service Fee

Includes Website Hosting
plus Free Updates by Request
Usually includes Hosting
but may charge you extra for updates

Response Times

We have live reps ready
to answer your call or email promptly
They put you through a
machine and don't get back to you for days

Cost and Contract

We have very affordable
pricing and no long term contracts
They usually cost much
more and lock you into long term contracts

Account Managers

You will have the same
experienced, dedicated account manager that gets to know you
They will pass you around
and don't take the time to build a relationship

Sales Approach

We educate you and
provide valuable information during our sales (no commissions provided)
Often aggressive sales
tactics with false promises given just to make a sale (commission based sales)

Requested Website Updates

All done by us in a
timely manner, you don't have to do anything but make a request
They either make you do
the work yourself or they make you wait a long time to do it for you

Website Designs

Personalized for you
we do all the work to make you stand out and help you maximize all features
Limited design options
with minimal effort to make you different than your competition

Marketing Options

Our packages include
SEO and Social with monthly posts that actually work for you, with no long term commitments
They have expensive
packages that are mostly generic and leave you wondering what they are actually doing

Switching Over Services

With Easy Site Transfer,
we make your life very easy to switch to us, plus you'll likely save a lot of money
Often a headache
with minimal support, expensive set up fees, and they make cancellation very difficult

Why Doctors Choose DocSites

  • No Long Term Contracts.

  • Switch & Save Money.

  • We Do All The Work.

  • SEO & Mobile Friendly

Already Have a Website? Switch & Save (as low as $999 Setup & $49 per month), now with Easy Site Transfer

Dental and Medical Website Templates

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions, Just Call & Ask:


  • How do I get started?

    The easiest way to do so is to give us a call at 1-888-980-4949 and we will walk you through the quick sign up process. It's as simple as picking one of our modern mobile freindly templates and we help you personalize it. Learn more about how it works.

  • What does the monthly fee cover, and can the website be updated after the set up and launch?

    The $49/mon. fee not only includes hosting but also up to 1 hour per month worth of updates that we will make for you. Just tell us what you want to add, delete or change and we will handle it all. (Monthly hours for updates do not rollover).

  • How do I pay and how does billing work?

    You pay your one-time Set Up Fee and your first monthly payment when you initially sign up (before your website is launched), and every 30 days thereafter you are billed the monthly payment via credit card. Cancel anytime, no hidden fees, and no complicated contracts.

  • Is my credit card info secure with you guys?

    Of course it is, we take security and privacy very seriously. Our credit card processing system is 100% certified secure by SAGE systems.

  • If I cancel or my website goes down due to non-payment, can I restore it?

    Website Restoring / Recovery Fee = $199 (one time fee)
    This includes restoring and/or recovering the last working version of the website. Website will be made live again on the Internet using Client's domain name. Restrictions apply.

  • How does cancellation work?

    You can cancel at any time with a 30 day written notice. No long term contract and no hidden suprises. Since our templates are proprietary you may not take the website elsewhere after cancelling, any content you provided is yours to keep.

  • Can I change my mind on the Template I chose and the color scheme after my website launches?

    Sure, an additional one time fee of $399 will apply for the time we have to put on reformating your content into a new template. Also ask us about creating your very own color scheme if you are interested, (additional fee will apply).

  • Can my own content be added to the website?

    Of course! What makes it even better is that we do it for you. You can launch the website with pre existing content or you can send us what you would like to update and we will replace it for you. We encourage you to do this, adding your own text and images will make the website more customized to your practice. Also the $49/mon. fee covers up to 1 hour of monthly updates once your website has launched.

  • What makes The Doc Sites different than the competition?

    There are many options out there for template websites for Doctors & Dentists, choosing one can get confusing. What makes us different is that our designs are just better (just go look at the competitors if you don't believe us). Other big factors on why you should choose us include never having to log in and learn another system again, we do all the work. In addition, our websites are launched with SEO, they are optimized for your services in your target area, plus everything can be customized for your practice. You also don't pay anything additional for hosting, you have live experts that can help guide you for best results, and best of all you can focus on your own job, and let us handle the website.

  • What makes these websites search engine friendly?

    Not only are they coded from scratch without extra unnecessary code that confuses search engines, but all our websites launch with SEO optimization based around your services and location. This will help you get found online and will start generating traffic, at no additional cost. We also offer additional custom Search Engine Marketing programs for those who would like to get more aggressive with online marketing to expand their reach and start gaining more business from the web.

  • What about domain names?

    If you have one already we can help you point it to your new website, and if you don't we can help you get one. We make every effort to make your life easy and get your new website up & running without any headaches.

  • What about email addresses?

    At this time we do not offer email or email services, but we can easily guide you on obtaining one.

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