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The Effective Way to Get New Patient Referrals To Your Dental Practice

Wouldn’t it be great if your patients helped you bring in more patients? There’s a secret to making that happen, and it’s all about how you ask. Instead of talking about the services you provide, focus on the problems you solve.

If you have a patient who’s absolutely thrilled with their smile transformation. Instead of asking, “Do you know anyone who could benefit from veneers?” try something else. Ask, “Do you know someone else who might not be happy with their smile, just like we helped you?”

Similarly, if you’re talking to a mom, don’t ask, “Do you know anyone who needs a pediatric dentist?” Switch it up to, “Do you know any other busy moms with kids who need a dental check-up before the school year starts?”

By addressing the problems you solve, you’re making the referral process more relatable. This simple shift can lead to a surge in referrals, bringing new patients through your door. Remember, it’s not just about the services you offer; it’s about the solutions you provide.

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