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How to Build a Strong Reputation for Your Dental Practice



Establishing a strong brand is essential for your dental practice success. But what exactly defines your dental brand?

It’s not just your logo or catchy slogan—it’s your reputation. And where can you find the essence of your practice’s reputation? In your Google reviews.

Take a moment to open your Google reviews and pay attention to the recurring themes. What are the two words that keep popping up? Those words hold the key to understanding the true essence of your practice among your patients.

One of our clients, Dr. Roberts, noticed that words like “cleaning” and “happy” were prevalent in his reviews, suggesting that his team excels at making dental visits enjoyable for children.

Take a look into your own Google reviews and identify the two words that stand out the most. This is your real brand—the image that patients perceive and share with others. Take note of these words, print them out, and share them with your team.

By understanding and embracing your practice’s true brand, you can make smart decisions to improve the patient experience and strengthen your reputation. 

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