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Best SEO Strategy for Multi-Location Dental Practices

As a dentist with multiple office locations, you’re committed to providing quality care to your patients. However, there’s a crucial aspect that might be hindering your practice growth – online visibility. The digital landscape has transformed how patients find healthcare services, and if you’re not optimizing your online presence for each location, you could be losing potential patients every month.

The Dilemma: One Website or Multiple?

Should you consolidate all your locations under one website, or should each location have its own dedicated website? It’s a decision that can significantly impact your practice’s success. Let’s dive into this matter with a real-life example.

Amin is an owner of four dental practices in Central CA. He was going through the same dilemma. After a thoughtful conversation, the solution became clear, especially for practices with fewer than 10-20 locations: Keep it local. Here’s why.

Mastering the Local Search Game

Imagine a potential patient searching for a dentist nearby. They type in ‘dentist near me’ on Google. This is where the power of local search comes into play. Google aims to provide the most relevant and convenient results to users, so it prioritizes local businesses. If your dental practice wants to appear in these localized searches, having a separate website for each location is a game-changer.

Stay in the Game, Stay Visible

In a competitive healthcare landscape, standing out is essential. By embracing separate websites for each location, you’re maximizing your practice’s visibility and accessibility. As you grow, your marketing strategies may evolve, but for now, it’s all about adhering to Google’s local search rules.

Remember, attracting patients starts with being present where they search – online. Keep learning, keep optimizing, and keep putting your dental practice on the digital map. 

At DocSites we help dentists personalize their website and increase online visibility, contact us if you want to attract more quality patients or request a free no-obligation demo. 


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