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Dental Practice Transition – Communicating With Existing Patients

A lack of communication with the existing patients of the dental practice you just acquired can be one of the biggest and costliest mistakes you can make. A lot of patients are used to the retiring dentist and they don’t yet know who you are. Here are a few things you can plan for to ensure an effective communication plan with patients:

Make sure there is enough time with both doctors present so they can acclimate themselves with you and the retiring dentist

✅ [If you’re keep the same website] Add a photo of the retiring dentist and new dentist together and make the announcement on your website

✅ [If you’re building a new website on a new domain] Create a 301 redirect from old website to your new website domain

Add your full name (ie. “Dr. Jane Smith”) to the Google My Business profile of the practice. This way as people Google the practice name (looking for office hours, directions, etc) they will instantly see and associate the practice with yourself new incoming doctor

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