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How Google Posts Can Help Dental Practice Marketing

Google has introduced a new functionality for your Google MyBusiness profile listing and it is Great! It appears when someone searches the name of your business and gives you additional real estate to promote information.

According to Search Engine Land, Google Posts were initially launched in January 2016 for US presidential candidates to use, with the posts appearing in a card-like format that Search Engine Land has dubbed “Candidate Cards.”

Google Posts can now be leveraged by a businesses, medical or dental practices – visually showcasing like a card-like format showing at the top of search results for your practice.

Medical and dental practices will benefit from leveraging Google Posts by publishing a special offer, specific procedure or introduction to a Doctor at your office.

When you view the Google MyBusiness listing we optimized for Brackets Wires and Smiles (see below), you will see a “card” that promotes a “braces special” with a limited offer. This function is great because the optimized profile for our client has been generating calls and appt. requests.

Great dental marketing requires leveraging all of the functionalities that profiles such as Yelp, Google, Facebook and more have to offer. To learn how to implement these tactics give us a call at (888) 980-4949 and ask for one of our dental marketing specialists.

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