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Making a Great Dental Website Podcast

In this weeks episode of the Deals for Dentists, Ali Soufi joins Dr. Eric Block to discuss the importance of having a well-designed website and provide a cost-effective way to establish a professional web presence.Your website should reflect what’s happening in your dental practice. What goes on internally should be shown on your website, so that the external world gets to know more about what you do even before calling or visiting your practice.

Episode #101: Ali Soufi: Making a great Website

Episode Timestamps

  • 00:36 – Introduction to the episode
  • 01:12 – How ‘’The DocSites’’ was started
  • 02:46 – What makes DocSites different from others
  • 06:08 – How often updating the website is recommended
  • 08:00 – Why Google loves optimized websites
  • 09:45 – How marketing helps a dental practice
  • 11:23 – Difference between doing your own website and getting professional support
  • 14:52- How patients get influenced by your website
  • 16:21 – Is social media presence compulsory for all practices
  • 19:08 – Exclusive offer from The Doc Sites in collaboration with DealsForDentists
  • 20:18 – Word of advice for young entrepreneurs
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