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4 Items To Have In Place Before You Start Marketing Your Dental Practice

Have your ducks in a row before you start Marketing/Advertising!

Are you spending money on Ads, SEO, Marketing, Mailers? Don’t Until You Do This…

#1 – Know your Unique Value Proposition and Highlight It!

What does this mean…

You may want to focus on a treatment, and why you are the right dentist for it
You may want to focus on your dental office for the whole family and your reputation
You may want to focus on providing best entry costs

#2 – Have your Staff Trained – Probably the Most Important Item

If you are advertising, your staff needs to be trained fully!
We are not consultants in that dept. but here are some key factors

– answering the phones properly
– knowing your offers
– ability to schedule, and answer questions

# 3- Capturing the Patient Information & Storing It

Simple, yet so many offices don’t even have a mechanism for this.

#4 – Follow Up Systems!
Do you have a system to follow up? You can set up a “Manual” system at first. Then you can set up tools CRM tools like Dental Intel, Practice By #s and others which can automate the follow up.

We recommend that you have the system in place on your own rather than relying on a marketing company like us. Why? This will ensure that no matter what happens, your own team will always be able to nurture prospective patients and if you ever want to turn off the faucet with us or another company you don’t have to start all over. Simply it should be a part of your internal office operations.

So before you even invest a Dime, ensure you have all of these organized so that you can see growth and not see your Dollars go to Waste.

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