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4 Simple & Effective Strategies To Increase Dental Patient Online Reviews

tips increase online reviews for dentists

Having online positive reviews is essential for a successful dental practice. Even when a patient is referred to your practice, the first thing they will probably do is look you up to see what others have to say – specifically, they will look at your online reviews. 

Below are 4 simple and effective strategies you and your team can implement to increase dental patient reviews online.


#1. Just ask the right patients at the right time

This is really as simple as it sounds. The biggest mistake doctors and team members make when it comes to reviews is not asking patients to leave them one in the first place. 

Be selective in who you ask and when you ask. Don’t ask the patient who is in pain or just came out of surgery. Do ask the patient who is ecstatic about her new veneers or the fact that you relieved her from her tooth pain. If you’re a doctor who is too shy to ask your patients for a review – that is okay – as long as you train your staff to ask patients instead. 


#2. Use QR Printouts In Your Practice & Train Your Team 

We have seen significant increases of online reviews with practices who implement QR Codes throughout their practice. Essentially, your office would print a few 8 1/2 x 11 flyers that include QR codes to your relevant Google & social media profiles, place them on clear stand-up sign holders and place them throughout your office – ie. 1 in your waiting room, 1 in your operatory, etc. Then you train your staff to ask patients to leave a review by simply scanning the QR code in front of them. 

It’s hard for team members and patients to miss these sign-holders throughout the office, so it’s like you have a built-in reminder system. Also, most people nowadays are familiar with QR codes because they were scanning menus at restaurants in order to get what they need; this works the same way, the QR code simply directs patients on their phone to the exact social profiles / page to leave you a positive review. It’s easy and can be done right then and there in your office! 


#3. Use a Software to Text or Email Patients 

One of the great things about technology is that it can save you and your team a lot of time. Consider using a software to text or email patients upon them leaving your office. There are many great softwares out there, including Birdeye, MMG Fusion and Practice Dilly to name a few. 

One very important factor to consider before choosing a software, is to ensure the review links sent to patients goes directly to Google – so that your patient reviews are added to your Google My Business profile. Otherwise, your reviews could be “gathering dust” in some kind of internal system that is never seen by any prospects and/or patients. 


#4. Give a Cash Incentive to Every Team Member 

This strategy was shared by a dentist who had garnered hundreds of reviews on his Google profile. Give your team members a clear goal and a cash incentive for an increased level of positive reviews. For example, for every 15 new 5-star reviews, you pay $100 or whatever amount you think is good, to each team member. Not only does this strategy engage your team members to ask for the reviews but it gets everyone aligned with giving better service in hopes that patients will feel more inclined to leave a positive review.

Imagine your front desk staff picking up the phone in a more responsive manner with a helpful tone, or your hygienist taking time to make the patient feel at ease before their cleaning starts…these are all behaviors and actions that can be generated internally by your team, if they’re given the right incentive. 

Most people are motivated by money to some degree – so use a clear target and have fun with this team goal in order to give patients a better experience and earn your practice more positive reviews. 


What strategy works best to get more positive reviews online?

What we have learned working with hundreds of practices is that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to earning positive reviews online. The most important thing is that you’re aware of simple and effective strategies that have successfully worked for other dental practices. Given you’ve read this article, now it’s just a matter of testing and implementing a system and/or process that works best for your practice! 


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