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5 Social Media Tips Crucial to Increasing Revenue for Dental & Medical Professionals (5 Min Read)

In the last few months, I have received many texts and calls asking about the secret sauce of the social media success for specific clients we represent.

We provide the strategies, follow up, and support, but it is their implementation and collaboration that makes them successful. Some clients have us post and do weekly work, and some do a lot of the work themselves while leveraging our assistance to make the impact they need. These tips below can help your office take the next step.

1. Personalization – Can’t stress this enough. You went to medical or dental school and invested $ and lots of time into becoming a healthcare provider, and now you have to be a social media personality? The answer to this is somewhat yes. You can choose not to use social media, but if you want to grow your revenue using social media this is one important part of it.

Why? Patients are researching their doctors the way consumers research products online. They are watching and spending their time researching for someone they can trust and who can provide the solution to their problems.

This doesn’t mean posting rants or long messages; this means showing us your smile, showing us you care for your staff, and showing us that you are someone who will treat us with individual care. If you look at many negative reviews about the actual doctor, it is about how the doctor didn’t treat the patient like she/he cared.

2. Use Social Media to share about how you solved problems consistently. People are coming to you to solve a problem they have. Generally, people are not excited about seeing a doctor, and they are doing so to fix something or feel better. Show that you solve problems.

Many doctors will focus on the features of what they do: i.e., here is a treatment, but they never actually sit and explain the benefits and how someone felt better because of it.

Watch Dr. Sally, and Her Patient Speak About the Veneers Treatment

3. Include your staff and patients. Showing that your team loves working with you and are willing to speak on your behalf is an underutilized tool. Testimonials from patients are essential but often staff testimonials are overlooked. In my 11 years of experience and working with 100s of clients I can tell a great office by how much the staff loves its Doctor!

View Dr. Solnit’s IG Video and The Implementation of Staff Testimonials


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Dr. Solnit and His Team Give You an Inside Look to Learn Why he is the Top Prosthodontist and Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills

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4. Look good. The way you look matters. 

I’ve seen too many doctors and staff posting images and videos with “bed head.” Try to look your best.

5. Sell & be consistent. I don’t care what anyone says, people like being sold to. If you have something that will make me feel better and live a better life, sell it to me. And be consistent. Don’t do it 1x and leave it alone. Sell it to me. Make short videos, do quick write-ups, and keep showing me until I want to make that appointment with you.

This might be the most important point of this write-up. Don’t do it for 3 weeks or 3 months and stop. Just like any other marketing tactic, it takes time and repetitive effort.

I write these pieces to support people, create their vision and accomplish their dreams. If you found this valuable please Like or Share so that more people can benefit. Shoot me a message or call our office (818) 616-3919 if you want to chat. Thank you so much!

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