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Attracting High-Dollar Dental Cases: The Power of Reputation and Patient Relationships

Ever wondered how to draw in those sought-after high-dollar dental cases, along with quality patients who not only value your services but also refer others? 

Today we are sharing the story of Dr. Armen Galustian, a skilled cosmetic dentist and the proud owner of the Calabasas Dental Institute. Yes, that’s the same Calabasas where the Kardashians hail from!

Dr. Armen showcased his impressive work on his phone and then mentioned something that we wanted to share with you. 

He said: “Patients discover us through our strong SEO, read positive reviews, and appreciate our special offers for new patients.”

Kayvan: “What is the next step?” 

He said: “From there, it’s about nurturing them over the next 12 to 18 months, forming a bond of trust. When it’s time for a treatment plan, they willingly accept because of the foundation of trust we’ve built. It’s more than just a quick online decision.”

The lesson here is clear – while marketing is essential, it’s not the sole factor in attracting substantial cases. It’s about establishing a credible reputation, ensuring a memorable patient experience, and using external marketing to amplify your practice’s visibility. It’s an approach that delivers results.

Do you want to increase your practice’s visibility and draw in more patients? Feel free to drop contact us or explore for a complimentary, no-obligation demo. Let’s work together to get more from your practice!

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