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Fee For Service Dental Marketing – How To Attract Quality Dental Patients From The Internet


Dental insurance sucks! How can you attract more quality, fee-for-service patience to your practice?

Do these four things:

  • 1 – Double your 5-star reviews on Google as fast as possible…10-20…20-40. And keep doing it. The Key here is to ask!


  • 2 – Make it easy to book appointments. Where most practices fall short is on the phone, so either train and keep training your front desk to improve or hire a professional company in the US that knows the dental industry to take all of your calls and fill up your chairs.


  • 3 – Create an SEO optimized website to increase your visibility on Google and be sure your site personalized with photos and videos. Patients want to see who you are and what they can expect.


  • 4 – Put marketing dollars into SEO & Google Ads – where is the first place people go searching for a dentist? And second? These tend to work better than ads on say Facebook or Instagram….
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