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The Pros VS Cons Of Owning Your Dental Practice Website

Does it make sense to own your dental or medical practice website?


PROS of Owning Your Practice Website:

  • Save a little money on your monthly hosting fees – typically $30-60/mo
  • You can make updates yourself without waiting for a company to do it for you
  • If you part ways with your marketing company you can “take your website” with you

CONS of Owning Your Practice Website:

  • You’re at a disadvantage with marketing your practice. Since most marketing companies prefer to work on websites they’ve built they won’t touch your website. It’s like if you want Tesla service you can’t take your Toyota you have to have a Tesla.
  • You’ve essentially bought yourself another job. Not only are you responsible for web updates but you have to ensure you’re up to date on latest things like ADA compliance and privacy policies are up-to-date. Good luck on that!
  • Your website and online presence will become stagnant faster than usual because you don’t have a dependable person or company updating it regularly.


Get More From Your Practice Website & Marketing!

Here at The DocSites you always own your domain, we offer transparency pricing and 5-star rated customer service. We’re based in the US, where you can talk to real people who responsive and dependable. If updating your practice website is on to-do list  visit and reach out to us for a free no obligation demo.

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