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Grow Your Dental Recall

In the world of dentistry, recall systems are essential for ensuring patients keep up with their oral health, and they’re also vital for the operational and financial health of the dental practice. Here are 11 effective ways to enhance your dental recall efforts:

1. Mention it during in-person discussions

While digital reminders are great, there’s no substitute for a genuine, in-person conversation. Take a few moments during their appointment to discuss the importance of regular check-ups. Personal anecdotes or visual aids can help drive home the importance of preventative care.

2. Set up the next appointment at checkout

Before your patient gets up from the dental chair, discuss the importance of their next appointment. By scheduling the next visit right away, you eliminate the lag time that might lead to patients forgetting or procrastinating.

3. Use dental recall software

Dental recall software automates much of the recall process, ensuring no patient slips through the cracks. While there’s an investment involved, the returns in terms of patient retention and enhanced operational efficiency make it worth every penny. Most software options allow you to send automated reminders, track patient appointments, and generate reports on recall effectiveness.

4. Diversify your communication modes and timing

Every patient is different, so it makes sense to use various communication channels. While some may prefer a traditional phone call, others might appreciate a text message or an email. Experiment with different times of the day as well. A morning text might work for one patient, while an evening email is best for another.

5. Offer incentives for return visits

Everyone loves a good deal. Consider offering discounts on cleanings or other procedures for patients who book and attend their recall appointments. This not only encourages them to come back but also fosters a sense of loyalty to your practice.

6. Make it a family affair

Incorporate the whole family into your recall strategy. If one family member is due for a check-up, remind them that it might be time for other family members too. This approach can streamline appointments and make it easier for families to manage their dental health collectively.

7. Assign recall duties to a dedicated staff member

Recall isn’t just a side task—it’s central to the practice’s success. By designating a specific staff member to handle recalls, you ensure that there’s consistent follow-up and that any emerging patterns or issues are quickly identified and addressed.

8. Utilize birthdays and special occasions

Who doesn’t love a birthday message? Sending a warm birthday greeting can be coupled with a gentle reminder about their upcoming dental appointment or the need to schedule one. This personal touch can make patients feel valued and cared for.

9. Incorporate post-visit surveys

Feedback is a gift. After a patient’s appointment, send them a brief survey about their experience. Not only does this provide you with valuable insights into areas of improvement, but it also gives you another opportunity to remind them of their next appointment.

10. Stay top-of-mind with regular updates

Even if a patient isn’t due for a recall right away, regular updates about the dental practice, oral health tips, or news in the world of dentistry can keep your practice top-of-mind. These can be sent through newsletters, emails, or social media.

11. Embrace the simplicity of online scheduling

Online scheduling is the epitome of modern convenience. It offers patients the flexibility to book their appointments at any time, whether during a lunch break or in the middle of the night. With just a few clicks on your dental practice’s website, patients can select a suitable time slot, reducing the back-and-forth often associated with traditional phone scheduling. This streamlined approach not only enhances patient satisfaction but also efficiently fills up appointment slots, ensuring a seamless operational flow for the practice.

A robust dental recall system is more than just a reminder service. It’s an integral part of maintaining the health of your patients and the financial vitality of your practice. By incorporating these eleven strategies, you can ensure that your recall process is both effective and efficient, leading to happier patients and a thriving dental practice.

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