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Personal Branding For Dentists & Doctors – How to Promote Yourself As a Doctor


Want to learn how to improve your personal brand as a doctor without dancing on TikTok? Watch this.

Typically most doctors are great clinicians but they don’t understand how to their website and Google to get themselves known.


1️⃣ Hire a videographer to create a personalized video of your practice and place it prominently on the homepage of your website.

2️⃣ Take photos with your patients in front of a wall showing your logo and brand colors and post that on social media. Better yet – assign a team member to be responsible for that!

3️⃣ Post simple videos of yourself on Instagram talking about your treatments and procedures.

When patients get familiar with seeing you it will build trust, increase your online visibility and help you on your way to becoming THE doctor to see in your community.

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