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Track Your Patient Opportunities and Watch Your Practice Grow

Lets face it. Going to a doctor’s office is not a decision people make with glee. Especially, visiting a dentist they have never met before. That is why people will inquire but not make the actual visit.

This makes it imperative to have a system in place to track every new patient opportunity. Allowing you & your staff to really review reports and understand what is working and what’s not.

For most purposes, an excel sheet will work great. Otherwise there are a multitude of practice management options that will also work great for your staff.

Here are some Opportunities we recommend tracking:
– Website
– Google Adwords
– Referred Patients
– Direct Mail
– Yelp Leads

You would create a monthly list of opportunities and record vital data for each one – source of inquiry, number of times spoken with, treatment inquiry, actual visit completed and more.

There are many ways you can utilize this data and for each one of these of these sources you can develop a targeted campaign. We recommend starting small. A simple example is tracking patients referred from current patients. If one current patient is introducing more than 3 patients in a year – it would highly benefit you to show your gratitude to that person.

Or if you notice the majority of your web leads are often inquiring about a specific treatment, then you can work with your marketing team to increase the marketing for that treatment.

Recording data may seem like an overwhelming habit for your team, but it is a necessary one if you’d like to see growth.

Many dental offices don’t reach out to a web lead after the first couple of days. That is a mistake.

We are available to create a system and guide your team – please call our office at 818 616 3919 and ask for Parham for a free demo. Thank you.

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