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Websites for Dentists – Low Cost Dental Website Templates

There are many options out there for Websites for Dentists, choosing one can get confusing. What makes TheDocSites different is that our designs are more modern and better looking than many dental templates out there (just compare the dental website templates provided by us versus by other companies).

Other factors include never having to log in and learn another system again, we do all the work. In addition, our Websites for Dentists are optimized for your services in your target area, plus everything can be customized for your practice.

You also don’t pay anything additional for hosting, you have live experts that can help guide you for best results, and best of all you can focus on your own job, and let us handle the website. Learn More about our Websites for Dentists.

Websites for Dentists

Websites for Dentists

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The Best Dental Websites Include Office & Staff Photography

best dental website design

Recently, we launched a customized dental website for Paramount Dental Care – Ali Shahidi DDS – based on one of our 40+ dental website templates.

When it comes to the Best Dental Websites, one of the very important factors with any dental practice website is the use of photography. Collaborating with Dr. Shahidi and his staff, we added photos to customize the look-and-feel of Paramount Dental Care.

This included:

• Staff & Dentist photo on the homepage

• Office photos showing interior of dental practice

• Office staff photos on the “About” page.


template dental website example


dentist website example office staff

It’s important to remember that people want to make a personal connection to your office & staff. One of the best ways to do that is by using real photos to make your dental practice website unique.

Looking for a New Website for Your Dental Practice? We Can Help.

We offer Modern Personalized Website Templates that Implement the Features You Desire. You pay the rate of a template but receive a Customized & Personalized design for Your Practice.

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Personalizing Your Dental Website Template To Represent Your Practice

When setting up your dental website template you want to make sure you make a first impression that gives your website visitors the opportunity to get the feel and vibe of your practice.

That is why we preach each doctor and dentist to provide our team with personal photos of the doctor, the staff and office. The reason is that prospective patients are looking at your website to see if your office is the right for them. Great photos will showcase the Doctor’s personality, the office’s environment as well as the surrounding community.

For example, Dr. Avila of Indian Hills Dental sent our team a photo of her staff and office aquarium to implement on her website. We rotoscoped the staff’s image and placed it over the office image of her aquarium.This type of customization makes a large difference from looking like a cookie-cutter dental practice into personalized and friendly practice. It adds a creative and unique touch to represent Dr. Avila.

Dental Website Template

For Dr. Gonzalo Corzo we rotoscoped a photo of himself and his wife into the main banner and implemented their custom tagline to represent their practice. This shows initial website visitors who their dentists will be when they come to the office. We all know that patients want to connect with their healthcare provider.

Dental Website Template

Our staff is available via phone to support you with customization ideas. To learn more about our Dental Website Templates – call our office at 818.990.9843.

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The Best Dental Website Offer at CDA San Francisco 2017

It was great to see everyone at CDA San Francisco 2017.

Sorry if you missed our offer, if you are still interested in getting the Best Dental Website please contact us today.

Best Dental Website

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Money Back Guaratee for Medical Websites

We provide the best dental & medical website templates. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, The Doc Sites will refund the full Set-Up Fee (if applicable) within 30 days of your first payment. Ask us for details.