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How to attract new patients to your dental practice

Studies show that a dental practice needs to attract at least 20 new patients every month to grow and succeed. To attract new patients, marketers need a comprehensive marketing approach that combines traditional and digital marketing practices.

The former alone is not enough to increase your clients considering the following:

– 97% of consumers search for local services online;
– 73% of dental patients use search engines to research possible treatments,
– and 72% of patients look up online reviews when choosing a new doctor or dentist.

These statistics show the importance of integrating digital marketing tactics in your dental marketing campaign. The following are some of the top dental marketing ideas to help you attract more clients to your practice:

1. Create an engaging website to attract new patients

Reports show that 48% of consumers consider a website’s design as the most important factor in deciding a brand’s credibility.

It takes them 0.05 seconds to form an opinion once the page loads.

This means that your website should be professionally designed by a company that understands aesthetics, function, and SEO.

Generally, a good dental website should have:

– Simple and user-friendly navigation
– Uncluttered design – with proper layout, headings, text, fonts, colors, graphics
– Responsive design – mobile friendly
– Reviews and testimonials
– Relevant pages – about us, services, contact us, FAQs
– Clear call to action – online scheduling, messaging capabilities
– Blog – helpful content

The website should also be optimized for SEO to make it easy for search engine algorithms to find, crawl, and index the web pages.

2. Include a Clear Incentive for Referrals

Most established dental practices rely on internal patient referrals for over 70% of their new patient growth. Yet many existing patients don’t necessarily think about helping you grow your client base.

But you can encourage them to recommend your services by providing a referral bonus, such as a discount on their next visit or a dental/oral product for any person who visits the practice following their recommendation.

3. Direct your Marketing Efforts at Women

Studies show that women make over 90% of all dental/oral treatment decisions.

They want to make informed decisions concerning the wellbeing of their families, which means that they spend more time in research to determine the quality of your service, and not just the products. So make sure your marketing efforts provide in-depth demographic targeting

4. Final Tip to attract new Patients to your Dental Practice

Lastly, to attract new Patients to your Dental Practice, make sure to get involved in your community.

Dental practices are a local business, which means that your prospects are the people around you. Consider sponsoring events or asking your employees to participate in community projects as a way to give your brand, name, or logo visibility on brochures, t-shirts, banners, and so on.

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