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Dental Marketing Mistakes to Leave Behind in The New Year

As we move forward to  2024, it’s crucial for dentists owning their practices to stay updated with effective marketing strategies. There are common mistakes that can hold your practice back. Let’s discuss the marketing mistakes you should leave behind in 2023.

1. Relying Only on Insurance Lists

While being on insurance lists can bring in some patients, relying solely on them is not enough. Patients often search online for dental services. To reach more potential patients, you need a strong online presence. This means having an effective website and online marketing

2. DIY Practice Websites

Your website is often the first impression potential patients have of your practice. A DIY website might save you money initially, but it could cost you patients in the long run. Professional websites are more user-friendly, visually appealing, and effective in turning visitors into patients. Investing in a professionally designed website is worth it for the credibility and professionalism it adds to your practice.

3. Underestimating Video Testimonials

Video testimonials provide a personal and relatable insight into the experiences of your patients. Videos can capture emotions and expressions that text alone cannot. Including video testimonials on your website and social media can significantly enhance your marketing efforts.

4. Ignoring Phone Call Training for Staff

The way your staff handles phone calls can make a huge difference. It’s essential to train your staff in phone etiquette and customer service. The initial phone call might be the deciding factor for a new patient choosing your practice. Ensure your team is friendly, informative, and helpful on calls.

Avoiding these common mistakes can significantly improve your dental practice’s marketing efforts. DocSites can help you build a strong online presence and have a personalized, affordable and effective website design while attracting more quality patients. Schedule a free-no obligation demo with us.

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