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SEO Tips for Cosmetic Dentists

In the competitive field of cosmetic dentistry, getting found on Google is crucial. But many dentists are missing out because they only focus on ranking for “dentist near me.” Let’s take a look at Dr. Armen Galustian‘s SEO success to understand what you should do instead.

SEO Beyond “Dentist Near Me”

Dr. Armen, a longtime client of DocSites, has seen remarkable success in online visibility. He ranks for “Dentist Near Me” in his city and also shows up for specific searches like “dental implants near me” and “smile makeover near me.” The key was creating separate, optimized pages for each of these treatments on his website.

Why This Strategy Works

By having dedicated pages for different services, Dr. Armen’s practice can target more specific searches. This is important because not every patient uses the same search terms. Some might look for general dental services, while others might search specifically for cosmetic procedures like smile makeovers or dental implants.

The Impact of Targeted SEO

This targeted approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a big impact. It means that Dr. Armen’s practice doesn’t just show up for a broad term but also ranks for specific services that potential patients are looking for. This increases the likelihood of attracting patients who are searching for the exact services he offers.

His story is a great example for cosmetic dentists looking to improve their online presence. At DocSites we take care of optimizing your website, creating valuable content, and implementing effective SEO techniques. We ensure your online presence reflects the essence of your dental practice, is it time to switch? If so, reach out to us for a free no obligation demo. 

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