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Top 10 Best Dental Websites of 2019

Every dental practice striving to be among the best dental websites on the internet requires an attractive, user-friendly, responsive, and up-to-date design to provide existing and prospective clients with relevant/meaningful information on any device of choice – smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

Working with a top SEO company that specializes in dental websites can help ensure that your practice and services are easily found online, and that your website ranks well for local search results compared to your competitors.

With increasing competition in the field of dentistry, it is important that you set yourself apart from your competitors to grow your business. The following are some of the SEO strategies that the top dental websites are focusing on to grow their traffic and patient volume:

1. Professional website design

To achieve your bottom line, you must increase the number of patients coming to your practice. Considering that your website is the first point of contact between your prospects and your business, it should be well designed to get them interested in your business.

The website should be attractive, easy to navigate, and contain clear and well-organized information about

– the services you provide,
– the age bracket of your patients,
– working hours,
– locations,
– how to book appointments,

and much more, so your prospects can easily find what they’re looking for.

2. User experience optimization

This aspect connects to the previous point.

The best dental websites feature un-cluttered designs with clear headings and subheadings, defined categories/web pages, and professional and clean layout that is optimized with the right mix of text and graphics for easy scanning.

3. Proof of expertise and availability

There are several important web pages that can help influence your potential patients to visit your practice: “About Us”, “Services”, “FAQ”, and “Contact Us”.

These pages must be included in every website to:

– introduce yourself, your team, and your practice to your patients,
– showcase your training and experience,
– demonstrate your expertise in different treatments,
– answer basic questions,
– and make it possible for patients and prospects to reach you online, via telephone, or in-person to make an appointment or inquire about your services.

4. Offers and calls to action

The top dental websites present visitors with compelling offers that urge the prospect to make an appointment or take action to benefit from the offer.

These may include free consultation, free teeth whitening, or free cleaning. The offer should be time-sensitive to encourage immediate action.

5. Ad retargeting

Some prospects may be interested in your services but still leave the site before making an appointment. Ad retargeting uses cookies to track site visitors and show them ads of your practice for brand recognition to recapture their interest.

Other websites use exit intent technology to monitor visitors’ scrolling behavior in order to present a last-ditch offer just before they abandon the site, as a final incentive to turn them into patients.

Best Dental Websites – Other Strategies

There are many other SEO strategies used by dental practices to grow their patient base using their website, like

– enhancing the customer experience,
– keyword optimization,
– testimonials that include before/after photos,
– social media engagement,
– option for online appointments,
– and so on.

Working with a dental SEO expert can help you make the best use of your website to turn more visitors into patients.

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