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How To Triple Your 5-Star Google Reviews as a Dentist

Getting more reviews isn’t just about asking for them; it’s about how you ask. Here are some tips that can help you triple your Google reviews effectively.

The Power of Pre-Framing

It all starts with training your team to pre-frame each patient for a review. For example, after a dental implant procedure, you or your team can let the patient know that they will be receiving a text to share their experience about their dental implants. 

Why This Approach Works

This method is effective for a couple of reasons:

– By mentioning the specific treatment, you make it easier for patients to focus their thoughts and share relevant details in their reviews.

– When patients realize that their review could be helpful to someone else, they’re more likely to follow through.

– Getting a verbal commitment from the patient increases the chances that they’ll actually leave a review. It’s a gentle nudge that reminds them to share their positive experience.

Start by incorporating this approach into your daily routine. Make sure your team understands the importance of pre-framing and how to do it effectively. Combine this strategy with automated review requests sent via your patient management software, and you’re on your way to seeing a significant increase in your Google reviews.

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