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Use Your Before & After Photos To Attract New Patients

As a dentist who owns a practice, you’re always looking for ways to attract new patients. Sometimes, the most effective tool is right in your pocket – your phone. Let’s talk about how Dr. Nathan Ho used his phone to book a new patient, and how you can do the same.

Dr. Nathan Ho was at a jewelry store and got into a conversation about his dental work and the person he was talking to was curious about dental transformations. Dr. Ho had a collection of before and after photos on this phone. He showed these to the person he was chatting with and it led to Dr. Ho booking a new patient right there in the jewelry store!

Why This Works

Before and after photos visually demonstrate the quality and impact of your work. When people can see the transformation for themselves, it makes them more likely to consider your services for their own dental needs.

How You Can Use This Strategy

– Have a collection of before and after photos on your phone..

– Whether you’re at a social event, a store, or anywhere else, be ready to share these photos when you talk about your practice.

– Include a variety of treatments in your photos to show the range of your services.

– Ensure the photos are clear and professional. This reflects the quality of your work.

Don’t underestimate having your portfolio of work accessible at all times. Like Dr. Ho, you never know when an opportunity to show your work might come. By having your before and after photos ready on your phone, you could be just a conversation away from gaining a new patient.

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