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5 Types of Marketing Every Dentist Should Know


As a dentist, it’s important for you to know these different types of marketing. You don’t necessarily have to do all of them in order to be successful but at least knowing the distinctions between them will allow you to make smarter use of your marketing dollars.

1️⃣ Marketing on Google – This includes being found for “dentist near me”,  SEO and Google Ads

2️⃣ Social media marketing – Personalization is the name of the game!

3️⃣ Internal Marketing – Build a relationship with your patient starting with a pleasant phone experience and first appointment

4️⃣ Community Building – Pick a community (ie. Your kids school, running club, etc), show up consistently and be known in that community

5️⃣ Mailers / Postcards – In some areas this can actually still work, especially if you’re a new dental startup!

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