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Avoid This Dental Marketing Scam! 30 New Patients Guaranteed!

Kayvan Mott, Co-Founder – The DocSites

I was just talking to a practice owner, who got burned by one of these companies, who had promised him 30 new patient a month. What he learned from his mistake, and what you should avoid is to not fall for these false promises.

Remember that acquiring new patients is a two fold process and they work together:

1. External Marketing – Things like Google ads, search engine optimization, going out there in the community making sure you’re known in that community by people, volunteering, getting your name out there with postcards.

2. Internal Marketing – This includes your communication and phone skills. How effective are you in making the patient feel comfortable to book an appointment and then get them to show up? Do you follow up and procedures and phone calls and systems and ensuring they have a good experience in your practice and treatment plans and things like that?

New patients – not just leads – but actually patients in the chair that contribute to your production – only come about from the combination of External AND Internal marketing working together.

Make sure you’re working with a dependable, reliable company like The DocSites and that you have the right systems in place to ensure a great patient experience.

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