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Your Dental Practice Brand Is Not Your Logo – Branding Tips for Dentists

Your brand is far more than your logo and your color scheme. In reality, your brand is the entire experience that a customer associates with a business. The visual elements—the logo, the website, the way the office looks—all play a HUGE factor in creating a brand’s identity. But a brand is not just aesthetics. 

After one of our Co-Founders attended design school at UCLA, he initially believed that a logo and visuals were what defined a brand. However, through the years of running our own business, We’ve learned that this isn’t the case. Your brand is truly shaped by the experiences and perceptions of your patients.

We recently launched a new website for Dr. Bronwyn Hagan in the New York/New Jersey area. When we asked her about her experience, she said, “Everything was great. Your team was so responsive and professional.” It struck us how these words resonated with our Google reviews, where ‘responsive’ and ‘professional’ are the most frequently used descriptions– your brand is what people think and say about it, based on their experience with your service.

If you want responsive and professional service just like Dr. Bronwyn, schedule a free-no obligation demo with us today. We help dentists improve their online presence and get more quality new patients.

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