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How to Increase Patient Reviews for Your Dental Practice

As a dentist owning a dental practice, you know how valuable patient reviews can be. They not only showcase the quality of your services but also help attract new patients. However, getting a steady flow of reviews can be a challenge. The best way to get them is to train your dental staff effectively and provide them with the right tools. 

Why Staff Training Matters

Your staff interacts with patients daily, making them the perfect people to encourage reviews. But if they aren’t trained or don’t know how to ask, you might be missing out on this opportunity. Training your staff on the importance of patient reviews and how to request them can make a significant difference.

Effective Training Techniques

Start with explaining the importance of reviews in attracting new patients and building trust. Your team should understand how their efforts contribute to the success of the practice.

Practice makes perfect, and by role-playing, your staff can become comfortable with asking for reviews in a friendly and professional manner.

Incorporate Technology

Making the review process simple and tech-savvy can encourage more patients to leave reviews. Equip your staff with tools like QR codes that patients can scan to directly access the review page. Software that sends follow-up emails or texts asking for reviews can also be very effective.

Offer Incentives

To motivate your team, consider setting up a reward system. For example, you could offer a small bonus or a team treat for reaching a certain number of reviews each month. This not only encourages your staff but also fosters a team-oriented environment.

Patient reviews are a reflection of your practice’s service and reputation. Call us today or schedule a free-no obligation demo if you want to showcase your 5-star reviews on your homepage. 

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