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Google My Business Strategies To Get Your Dental Practice Seen on Google

For dentists who own their practice, being visible on Google is key to attracting new patients. One powerful tool for this is Google My Business (GMB). We’ll discuss some advanced strategies to make your GMB listing work harder for you.

1. Encourage Specific Treatment Mentions in Reviews

When your patients leave reviews, ask them to mention the specific treatments they received. Google now uses keywords from reviews as part of its ranking factors. If a patient writes about the great root canal treatment they got at your practice, it can help your practice show up when others search for root canal treatments. This small step can make a big difference in attracting patients who need specific dental services.

2. Get Patients to Post Photos

Photos add a personal touch to your GMB listing. Encourage your patients to post photos with you or in your office. This could be a picture after a successful treatment or a happy selfie in the waiting room. Photos make your listing more engaging and give potential patients a glimpse into the friendly, professional environment of your practice.

3. List Surrounding Sub-Cities in ‘Areas You Serve’

Your practice might be in one city, but you can attract patients from surrounding areas too. In your GMB listing, add 5-8 surrounding sub-cities in the ‘Areas You Serve’ section. This helps your practice appear in searches from those areas. It’s an easy way to expand your reach and attract patients from a wider region.

By implementing these advanced Google My Business strategies, you can enhance your dental practice’s online presence. 

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