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Using Internal Marketing & Google Marketing To Successfully Grow Your Dental Practice – with Dr. Wassim El Awadi

Discover the remarkable journey of Dr. Wassim as he turned his dental practice into a thriving business, and then successfully sold it for a nice profit. Let’s delve into the key strategies that led to his achievements and how he’s applying them to his second practice.

  1. Putting Patients First: The Foundation of Success

From day one, Dr. Wassim made the patient’s experience his priority. He took a proactive approach to ensure his team could discuss sensitive topics like insurance in a positive manner, leaving patients feeling at ease. This patient-focused service resonated with visitors and instilled confidence in their dental journey.

  1. Clear Communication, Confident Choices

Dr. Wassim ensured that every patient understood their treatment options with utmost clarity. By using cutting-edge technology like digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras, he showed and told patients about their choices, eliminating confusion and pressure. Transparent communication empowered patients to make confident decisions for their oral health.

  1. The Power of Google

Recognizing the pivotal role of online presence, Dr. Wassim strategized to show up on Google just as effectively as in person. He initiated a systematic approach to gather Google reviews, collaborated with SEO experts, like DocSites, and activated Google Ads. The result? A surge of new patients seeking his services.

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